"Divisa Ensemble offers extraordinary listens into the color, precision, and deep musicality that marks the music of this all female ensemble."

- San Jose Mercury News

"The Divisa Ensemble is a totally professional group. They play wonderfully in tune and are a very tight ensemble in that they phrase together and feel the flow of the music as a total unit. They are also very pleasant people and very easy to work with. It was a great pleasure to work with them and have them perform my music."

- Nancy Bloomer Deussen, Composer

"You gave a lovely concert - thank you so much. I really enjoyed the imagination of the program, the joy with which you played together, and the high level of your playing."

- St. Bede's Performing Arts Series

Feature Articles

Vallejo Symphony hosts 'Chamber Music Gems'

The all-female Divisa Ensemble is one of two groups performing at Sunday's "Chamber Music Gems," hosted by the Vallejo Symphony.

- Daily Republic

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Baroque, classical, romantic, modern - the full music palette of Divisa Ensemble

...color, precision, and deep musicality that marks the music of this all female ensemble.

- San Jose Mercury News

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2 quintets replace full symphony concert

Attendees can expect what they always get... top-notch musicianship and an eclectic playlist.

- The Benicia Herald

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Chamber groups highlight symphony's winter concert

Divisa Ensemble is unique because of its instruments.

- Vallejo Times Herald

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Divisa Ensemble plays at Vallejo

- San Francisco Chronicle


Face the Music and Dance

- Palo Alto Weekly